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Antenna Tower - Optimal Antenna Placements Studies

   - based on 3D antenna isolation calculations


Radio Frequency Interference Analyses

   - Intermodulation analyses

        - interference from:

           - other radio system - "communication noise"

           - non radio system - "non-communication noise"

   - Antenna isolation calculations are included in the

      evaluation on request



Telecom Systems Evaluation Studies

   - we will evaluate the work performed by other companies

      if you need a second opinion 


UHF TETRA Leaky Feeder Design

   - RF Signal Coverage

        - Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) 

        - Inter Symbol Interference (ISI)

        - Passive Intermodulation (PIM)


Other work/reports can be requested.


Security Evaluation of Information Systems

   - Administrative Networks

   - Weapon System (military)

   - Technical System (civilian)

   - Facility Service Systems (*)

        - Access Control Sytems

        - Intrution Detection Systems

        - Power System

         - Fire System

        - Cooling System

        - Heat Systems

        - other 



*)  Modern service systems are often advanced information systems.

  • Do you know how well or if these service systems are protected at all?
  • How vulnerable are your company to secuirity attacks on these systems?
  • Are you paying someone to do online service on any of these systems?
  • You might want to look into the systems vulnerabilties if these systems can be accessed from the outside.

National Security Approvals - Information Systems

   - Administrative Networks

   - Weapon System (military)

   - Technical System (civilian)

   - Service Systems (examples listed to the left)


ISO/IEC 27000 Family of Information Security Standards

   - e.g. ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management System


Risk Management Framework (RMF)

   - we know NIST if you are requested to follow the US


     (NIST = National Institute of Standards and Technology)


Other work/reports can be requested